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Announcements about this site will appear here.

Color Bars 4K Upscale described!

LogoFun13 has decided to let the information spill on this wiki about the Color Bars 4K Upscale! See how LogoFun13 completed his first ever upscale by clicking here!

Stone Bridge High School Elevator Modernized!

Recently, the elevator in Stone Bridge High School got modernized. Read More...

Recently, I was watching this video, which was uploaded today and noticed the new logo for New Line Cinema. The animation of the logo had the same concept of the previous logo, but with better animation and used the current Warner Bros. Pictures logo. This appeared on the 2021 version of Mortal Kombat. This was done by Devastudios, famous for redesigning the Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Animation Group logos. As quoted from the page, "The idea was to foreshadow the central conflict of the movie’s main characters by treating the Warner Bros. and New Line logos with opposing elements. The logos were completely relit and retexture to reference the costumes and powers of the characters Scorpion (for Warner Bros.) and Sub-Zero (for New Line). We then replaced the clouds that normally live behind the Warner Bros. logo with a murky darkness filled with ominous ashes and embers, and transformed the New Line sunset environment into a cold moonlit cloudscape." Now all we need to wait for is the standard version of the new Warner Bros./New Line logo combo.

New Extensions

CollapsableVector, DynamicSidebar and RevisionSlider are three new extensions that are now on this wiki. RevisionSlider allows you to see revisions of pages better with a graphical interface. DynamicSidebar allows you to customize your sidebar. Head to your userpage and in the address bar, add /Sidebar to access your user sidebar. CollapsableVector makes the sections collapsible. You may disable any of these features in your user preferences.

Video Playback Now Supported for LogoFun13 Videos Wiki

Recently, LogoFun13-YT enabled a new extension for this wiki, the TimedMediaHandler extension. This extension allows playback of audio and video files, without the need of opening the original file, through a HTML5 player. And since MP4 uploads are permitted on this wiki, playback of those uploads will be possible, both from the file page, and from the page where the file is used.